Hi, I’m Anita.

This is my husband Brett and our girls Bella and Malia.

Five Star Campers Anita and Brett

I’m a passionate camper and outdoors enthusiast with a strong belief that everyone should be able to get out into nature and experience all the joys it has to offer. I love surfing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, swimming, pretty much all outdoor adventure sports.

I’ve spent years exploring the world and now our family of four is preparing for the trip of a lifetime. We are about to do a big lap of Aus! Our caravan is currently being built, we’ve got our tow vehicle and we are almost ready for this massive adventure. The countdown is on!

We’ve been researching and planning for a few years. Our 3 month Sydney to Cape Tribulation trip in 2020 was canceled after the world went into lockdown and the Queensland border was shut. We lost our $500 deposit on our caravan but couldn’t stop watching YouTube videos of other families traveling around Australia. Our initial 3-month Queensland maternity leave trip has morphed into a whole year big lap. We pack up our home in Sydney and leave around Christmas 2023.

All this research and planning has turned me into somewhat of an expert as we have made some big decisions like what caravan to buy and what rig we will need to tow it. Check out out 2021 79 series landcruiser with roof top tent in the pic above!

Getting my head around all the weight lingo such as GCM, ATM, GVM, etc almost made my head explode, and working out how many solar panels we needed to go off-grid made me wish I remembered year 9 science.

There is still A LOT To LEARN AND PLAN so I set up this blog to help other families.

Beginners like us who are new to caravanning and planning a big lap. And experts who want to know about the latest luxuries that we are using. Anyone who wants to save some time and let us do all the research.  

We didn’t want to give up any luxuries like a shower or toilet so we are calling ourselves five star campers. I’m definitely not a dig a hole in the ground kinda gal.

We plan on leaving the caravan behind at some places and will just take a tent in our 4WD when we visit Fraser Island and some other places. We’ve been camping in a tent quite a few times over the last few years so even though we like luxuries we can still rough it (to a degree). 

I started this camping website as a way to share my knowledge, provide advice and tips, and spread my love of the great outdoors.

So on this site I want to help you learn:

  • camping tips and tricks
  • the best camping gear and reviews
  • camping recipes on the campfire and air fryer
  • fun activities for kids
  • campground reviews
  • travel itineraries and more.

I’m excited to provide people with a one-stop shop for all their caravan and camping needs!

So join me on this journey and we can learn together about other small luxuries and gear to make camping easier, especially with kids.    

If you’re looking for information about camping in general or about specific destinations around Australia then please check out my blog posts, social media posts and other content. There’s something here for everyone!

Thanks for visiting my site and happy camping!

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